Reclaiming Our Child Heart

Reclaiming Our Child Heart

A child’s Heart fully engages in delight: Everything is open, beautiful, good—and filled with wonder.

Listen to the sound of a child’s laughter! How appealing, how disarming! This is life at its best. And yet, as a child encounters life’s trials, spontaneous, healthy expressions and feelings become flattened, as when the air is let out of a balloon.

Even if we wanted to return to our child Heart, we know we could not manage our adult lives immersed within the innocence of youth. For a child moves swiftly through ups and downs—from joy to sorrow and back again. And we must have balance, if we are to live with discretion and wisdom.

Yet instead of a balance between Heart and head, as adults our emotional responses are often so dulled that we cannot enjoy life to its fullest. In fact, our spontaneous responses to beauty and joy seldom rise to meet the moment at hand.

Still the Heart never loses its capacity to rejoice in the natural world, to long for Union with another Heart, and be fulfilled by that Union—

Whenever we are immersed Beauty, or Love
our Heart exalts!

Everything is charged with light
and we are filled with Presence,
Joy and Truth.

“Of course!” we exclaim in wonder…

“Here is the Child-Heart that I long for, throughout

this awe-inspiring life.”

Photo: Fireworks, Emi Miller

In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller

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