One Creator, One Breath

One Creator, One Breath

Even though we may desire, or claim ownership of portions of Earth, absolute ownership, and a clear title, always remain in the Hands of the Most High.

Today not only portions of the Earth, but water, plants, animals, and even tiny cells may be bought and sold, patented and privately owned. Yet, there is one thing that belongs to all beings equally: One thing that everyone freely takes, and freely gives to others—our breath—

Our breath we cannot live without, 
breath we take, breath we give—

freely received, freely returned 
all day, and all night long
all Being, all life breathes.

And all who draw breath 
never think of keeping it

hold no thought of hoarding it,

feel no Inner urge to grab 
another’s share—

but simply enjoy the Gift.

For we all know without a doubt 
that the air we breathe belongs,

as the whole Earth in truth belongs— 
not to us

but the Source of All, the All-in-All, 
Who eternally creates this Earth
and the Universe,
and all who draw breath therein.


photo:  Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ether, Emi Miller
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. I, Emi Miller

© First Copyright, 2004, Second Copyright, 2018, Emi Miller, All rights reserved
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