Rising Up-On Our Highest Ideals

Rising Up-On Our Highest Ideals
How and why do we fall down? We fall down when we fall beneath our Ideals. 

Life is about being the best we can be. Each person has their own Ideals, and knowingly or not they try to achieve them each moment of each day of their lives.  
Whenever we fall beneath these Ideals, we suffer. Sometimes our fall is very little, and we hardly take notice. Yet at other times the pain we experience can be so very great, we wonder if we are ever going to rise again—if we will find the Inner strength to attempt a new mount. 

When a child falls down, be that a physical or an ego fall, they look to their caregivers to help them find the courage to get up, to move on to the next thing, to smile again. Yet when adults fall down, where is the Compassionate One to help them? A question may arise, “Have I been left alone, to look toward an empty sky, hoping or praying for comfort from the Most High—in vain?”

As a child finds the arms of their beloveds 

to comfort them, 

the Most High manifests for adults 
within the eyes, and open Hearts, 
of those right in their midst;

Or leads them to find someone to turn to
for solace, forgiveness, 
or a reason to continue. 

Thus the Dearest One draws near 
helping us to find 
and climb 
onto the rock 
of our Highest Ideals.



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In Wisdom’s Light,  A Message of Peace For All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller
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