A Prayer
Help us and Guide us to undo
the harm we have caused the Earth, and Her Beings,
throughout our thoughtless, careless youth.
There is a vast difference in the viewpoint and actions of those who believe that the Most High is Ever Present in their daily lives, and those to whom the Divine remains a distant concept, existing somewhere far beyond this life, if He or She exists at all.
The constant realization of the Creator of All as a Living Presence throughout our days, encouraged the ancient peoples to hold in reverence the whole of the Earth, and to carefully examine each word, thought and action.
In this Blessing Way of Remembrance, throughout their days and nights, ancient ones consciously experienced in wonderment, the inexpressible beauty, exquisite tenderness, and awesome power of Nature.
Comparing this profound level of Being, with that of our modern society, we can easily see the reason behind the thoughtless acts of destruction and harm, so casually inflicted on a daily basis to the Natural World:
The vibrations of our ancestors’ Beings moved in peaceful attunement with the world of Nature.
Seeking harmony with the Sacred, Hallowed Earth, they consciously breathed the sweetness of rain-freshened air,
and gratefully drank Her living waters, while frequently pausing to pray to live, as a respectful guest.
photo: A Winter Field, Nick Whetstone
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller
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