When Our Large Head Takes A Back Seat

When Our Large Head Takes A Back Seat

When we ‘stand our ground’, we most often do so with our large, intellectual head firmly fixed upon our shoulders.

We have all seen such large heads: Some of them are so grandiose, that they cannot even fit inside a big room! When next you see such a big head, take a look at the rest of the body. You will notice a certain posture that matches the big head. The reason for this posture is – that it takes quite a lot of bravado and energy to support all of the weight at the top! And, even though we may not like to admit it, we can feel–and we have known–moments when our own head is expanding–being fed and grown by the rising heat of our egos–that speaks in a loud and clear voice: “I know I am the best (in this room, place, moment.)”

Yet we all know more tender, Heart-full moments, in which we have surrendered our truth, and have chosen to follow a sweeter thought encouraging us to strive to bring forth harmony with our companions.

This choice to yield does not mean that we are to lose our Ideals, on the contrary, it only means relinquishing the ground that one has been claiming to be—THE ONLY possibility—for any certain moment and time.

And this thought of harmony places our own swelling head in the back seat, while our heart makes the journey—toward the front ground of the other. Looking in this Way, we can easily come to see, that under-standing is a choice—first thought, then willed, and then chosen—each moment—by a listening, Compassionate Heart, dedicated to peace.

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In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller

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