The Healing Balm of Love

The Healing Balm of Love
According to the ancient Wisdom tradition of the Japanese and Chinese Five Element Theory, Joy and Love are the positive qualities of the Heart, while sorrow and bitterness are it’s negative aspects. For the Sage this is most valuable knowledge, as one seeks to help and to soften, to warm and to melt, the frozen coverings that have formed over the tender fabric of the Heart.
Depending on the severity of one’s life experiences, the delicate fabric that surrounds our heart becomes injured. In some cases this damage can be intuited by a Healer to be delicate scars that mar the surface, but leave the heart still soft and supple. These tiny scars are much like the ones we carry on our physical bodies after small injuries. They serve as reminders of the injury, yet they mostly do not impede our functioning in the world. In other cases, larger scars arise from deeper woundings, yet still one’s heart remains open to Love and trust.
However there are some life experiences so deep and ongoing, that they cause the tender heart to become surrounded with a thick covering, similar to a callous that forms upon ones hand or foot. This thick covering is created by a strong need, to keep one’s Innermost Being ‘safe’, impenetrable from further harm.
A calloused Heart is thus defended against both real and perceived attacks, by a storehouse of bitterness and anger, which serve to keep others at a safe distance. And yet, the calloused heart also keeps beauty and love from being fully experienced, because one’s tenderness and softness of heart lie buried somewhere deep within. Thus one exists alone with one’s pain.
Yet, just as in fairy tales, someone often arrives to help, in the form of a Lover or Friend who has just the perfect salve for healing a wounded Heart. This most delicious remedy is of course nothing by love, which leads to a gradual softening and healing of the subtle and deep lines and scars.
This miracle salve works by causing a bubbling forth of outbursts of Joy, as the tender and repeated applications of love are carefully applied, by one who has been especially Chosen, for the task at Hand.
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In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. IV, The Original Documents, Emi Miller
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