Passion and the Inner Flame

Passion and the Inner Flame
There is passion. Passion raises the Inner Flame.
The Inner Flame is raised into Being at a moment’s notice: It raises and flourishes through our desires, be they physical, intellectual, or Spiritual. And what is the Source of the Holy Flame? It springs from the Divine Essence of Life, and illuminates the whole Universe, and all of our lives.
As the Divine One is infinite Mercy and Compassion, so the Flame is placed within in our hearts and hands, and can be turned toward the positive or the negative. For example, it is this Flame that rushes forth and rises to fuel our anger, and when it is so turned, our passion flares, and we move with unkind words and actions. And it is the same Flame that can be turned to fuel our pursuit of knowledge, and when it is so turned, we become melted and merged, lost with-in our quest for Truth. The Inner Flame also rises when we are in the midst of Beauty, warming our hearts with joy.
Yet as we look Sincerely within, we know with no doubt, that the most beneficent use of the Inner Flame, is when we, seeking Union, open ourselves to Its Presence, and quietly follow, as it rises and raises our whole Being, into the warmest, Light-filled glow, of the Bliss of Love. Then, only then, do we feel complete. Only then can we understand the True purpose of our time on Earth.
photo: Brilliant Sunset, Eunice Paul
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller
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