What Are We Really Doing Here

What Are We Really Doing Here

What are we doing here, really? 

Have we come here to make money?

Have we come to make families 

who make money, and war,

and despoil the Earth

with the ways and things that the power of 

money creates?

Have we come to follow religious leaders, 

who vilify and demand that we harm

or we kill,

those who do not believe, or pray 

as we do?

A collective response arises from our hearts:

“No! We know this is not why we have come! 

We have come for a higher purpose,

been sent by Divine decree

to bring Love and not hate, 

joy and not harm,

and to glorify Creation— 

that is why we have come!”

Yet when religious leaders claim

the Most High exists only within

our church, our mosque, or temple walls—

our religious paths have become deformed, 

are no longer able to honestly Serve

the All-in-All.

For the Most High cannot be confined 

by man-made walls, or ideologies,

but lives with-in all people 

all nations, all cultures

and Calls us to Love one another, 

twenty-four hours a day,

from the Eternal Temple

in the C
enter, of every heart. 

Photo: The Awesome Power of Nature, Emi Miller
In Wisdom’s Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. II, Emi Miller

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